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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  August 8, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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this outbreak is a wakeup call. we essentially do know where it originated. we don't know why it originated. a new phase in the fight against a legionnaires' outbreak. more buildings affected by the outbreak including a school and a courthouse. i'm diane macedo, and cindy hsu is off tonight. mayor de blasio says the outbreak is contained, but the work is far from over. five more buildings tested positive. there's 108 case, and there's not been a new case in four days, but the risk lingers in parts of the bronx. matt kozar has more. >> reporter: diane, the city
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believes the source of the unprecedented outbreak is among the five original buildings that tested positive. the cdc and state health inspectors are working with the city to get it all under control, and this weekend, they are pulling out all the stops. >> reporter: wearing a protective mask, a health inspector carefully scooping a water sample from the montofur hospital. inspectors focused their efforts on 112 cooling towers in the bronx. >> one, this outbreak is tapering off very quickly, and where it originated. >> reporter: the mayor says five new sites in populated areas of the bronx have tested positive for the bacteria, and they include a verizon building, housing court, the bronx hall of justice, this post office on grand concourse,
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and samuel goppers high school. officials say those sites have been disinfected. cab driver daniel tejada is one of more than 100 people who got sick. >> they told my parents a few times i was on the verge of not making it. >> reporter: bronx residents are frustrated and want answers. >> people don't maintain their property, as well as others. >> that's what it comes down to? >> that's what i think. >> reporter: the bronx borough president asked governor cuomo for help, and he deployed 150 inspectors to the area. >> we are here today to help manage this process, and we are in constant communication with all levels of government, including the city. >> reporter: the pledge is too cooperate. the mayor was asked if politics are getting in the way. >> we took charge on day one and took it into our hands.
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that's why the situation is changing. we will work with the other levels of government always but i learned god bless the parentless child, and we have had to go it alone, and we will. >> every building has to be cleaned and inspected in the next 2 weeks. owners will face a penalty of several thousand dollars, if they don't comply, but so far they are all being cooperative. out of the 161 cooling towers in the affected area, 36 have been inspected and disinfected, and by tonight, 57 buildings should be inspected and disinfected, and by tomorrow the remaining 42 buildings we are told will be inspected and disinfected as well. next week the city council is supposed to vote on new inspection and cleaning standards. new at 11:00, the search for a missing kayaker has been suspended.
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kayak carrying a man and a woman capsized in the the hudson river near historic hills mansion in stratsburg this morning. a passing boat picked up the identified as 32-year-old ian wearing life jackets. the search is on for an attempted rape suspect in surveillance cameras captured these images of the man police are looking for. he approached a woman walking home on 16th street in sunset park and asked her to let him into the building. when she refused he expose himself and pushed her to the ground. the suspect ran away when the woman screamed. new information the mother of a newborn baby boy found dead in a queens courtyard has been charged in his death. according to police sources rashida chowdhury confessed to throwing him out of the window, believing he was possessed. a neighbor found the lifeless
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body, and the medical examiner says he died from blunt impact and skull fractures. murder charges. a brooklyn couple allegedly locked their two daughters in queens casino. dave carlin with more. >> reporter: these sisters, 6 and 8 years old spent much of the day at the precinct house where their parents were charged with endangering them. in handcuffs were 33-year-old maria loha and 34-year-old segundo japa. the couple gambled on friday night and put their daughters at risk in the process. it was close to midnight, and the girls were in the backseat of the family's suv in the parking lot, and police estimate it was for an hour. >> in the car while they were gamble? it's unbelieve than a parent could do that and be
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irresponsible to butt their own pleasures before the welfare of the kids. >> how do you do that? your child, you're supposed to be with them 24/7 and make sure they are okay and safe. you don't believe -- leave them in the car! >> reporter: the family's neighbors are surprise. >> she's all about her cuds and husband. i didn't think she would leave them to go gamble. >> reporter: the sisters were examined by doctors at jamaica hospital, and they checked out okay, and they are in the custody of child protective services with their parents behind bars, and among the charges, acting in a manner injurious to a child. donald trump was disinvited from a big event this weekend after taking a controversial dig at one of the moderators from thursday's debate. andrea grymes with that story. >> reporter: the red state gathering got underway in georgia, but without the
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republican front runner for president. >> if you haven't heard, -- [ laughter ] -- i disinvited donald trump. [ cheers ] >> reporter: trump was supposed to speak tonight at the large conservative event. but eric erickson says he disinviolented the businessman after he said this on cnn about fox news' megan kelly. >> she gets out and starts to ask me all sorts of ridiculous questions, and you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever. >> erickson said the comment was inappropriate and crossed the line of decency. >> mr. trump went on wither and said i was a weak and pathetic leader h is okay. i actually think it's weak and pathetic to take a tough question from a journalist and assume she's having her period and that's why she asked the question. >> reporter: trump's campaign
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called erickson a total lewder. and said mr. trump said blood was coming out of her eyes and whatever, meaning her nose, but wanted to move on to more important topics. only a deviant would think anything else. trump has been very vocal since the thursday night debate, not happy with fox news and specifically wellly who grilled him on switching political parties and past comments he made about women. >> you called women you don't like, fat bigs, dogs, slobs, and disgusting animals -- only rosie o'donnell. >> reporter: trump's campaign says it was an honor to be disinvited. andrea grymes, cbs 2 news. >> several fellow republican candidates have condemned trump's comments about kelly, and trump said political correctness is killing our country.
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a typhoon is now hitting china. tens of thousands were forced to seek higher ground soudelor is weakening as it hits china. 20 new york state workers are headed west to fight the wild fires. a group from the department of environmental conservation will go to oregon and washington to contain the fires for the next 2 weeks, luckily they have gained more ground on the latest wild fire near sacramento, and they lifted all the evacuations near the rocky fire, and it's burned about 110 square miles. a college football player killed by a police officer. here's the new questions about the deadly confrontation at a car dealership, and why the fbi is now getting involved. plus -- >> the scariest 10 minutes of my life.
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landing. see what snatched the windshield and the windows mid- flight. hear how one couple's love may have saved their lives. you may notice something different at target. we have big changes to tell you vanessa? >> the forecast is looking good out there, and tonight, and even into the second half of your weekend, but as we get into the workweek, big changes are on the way. details coming up. steve? >> vanessa, odel beckham jr. is back at it again. wait until you see this catch. and then did the mets get another win? that's later in sports.
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new at 11, the fbi has helped to investigate the deadly fbi shooting of a college football player in texas. he smashed his car through the window of a car dealership, and officer brad miller shot the teenager after an altercation. miller has only been on the force since last september and on administrative leave.
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a delta pilot is getting mayor kudos after he was forced to fly blind. passengers had no idea what was happening when the hail hit the plane. >> this was the scariest 10 minutes of my life. >> reporter: the photos tell the same story, it was one intense flight, and one passenger said the pilot deserved a bonus for saving their lives. you can see on this radar, when the plane went through nebraska, they hit a major storm. >> we went around the corner, and from the window, we could see the shattered windshield and over the engine, the lightning struck and the nose of the plane was missing, and it was intense. >> reporter: the hail hit the nose, the windshield, and even the engines of the airbus 8320. they were able to make an emergency landing at the nearest airport in denver. >> one person on the plane did go to the hospital with minor injuries, and the other passengers boarded another flight to salt lake city.
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the faa is now looking into what happened there. new information on the death of bobbi kristina brown. her estate filed a multimillion dollar wrongful death lawsuit against her former partner, nick gordon, and it accused gordon of giving brown a toxic cocktail and putting her face down in a bathtub full of water. the 22-year-old of whitney houston died 6 months after being found in her bathtub in her home in atlanta. gordon's attorney says the claim is baseless. a sad update on a dolphin found in a new jersey river. the dolphin died after it got stuck in shallow water halfway to the raritan river. they took it out of the water but it died on the way to the veterinarian. target is going gender neutral, and they will be phasing out gender based signs in some departments, and that
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means no more girls build sets and boy's bedding. parents and gender advocates feel like distinguishing between the products is not necessary and could be harmful. it was not exactly a shot by cupid's arrow, but a young couple hit by lightning may have survived because they were holding hands, walking along a tree-lined street in california on thursday hand-in-hand when a lightning bolt hit them. because they were holding hands, it defused the electrical current running through their bodies. >> next thing you know, we were on the ground and we gave each other the most terrified looks you could imagine. it was definitely weird. earthquake. >> the couple now jokes they have an electric love. sparks were flying, i think. [ laughter ] vanessa is here with the weather forecast. >> i would say it definitely was. >> that would be a cute story for the wedding. >> she's only 17 years old.
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>> we are jumping the gun a bit, but nonetheless, incredible story there. our weather watchers have a beautiful day, and the clouds thickened in the afternoon, but as sun set came around, the clouds started to break up, and we got beautiful pictures for our weather watchers. let's take a look, shall we? 108 photos in the file, but a few spectacular sunsets captured this evening, and this one is by charley hoffman, the delaware river valley. how is that to end your day? another one here. alaina with this one. another beautiful shot of the sunset this evening, just casting a golden glow across the region, and live outside at this point in time, we are looking up to the gwb, and high from atop of the empire state building, mostly clear skies, and 73 in the city. southeast winds at 7 miles an hour, and today's highs were seasonable. low to mid-80s for most of us. bridgeport, connecticut, cooler at 78 degrees, and tomorrow will be another pretty much
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seasonal day, and today in the city, topped out at 82, and just 2 degrees below the norm of 84 degrees, and the record of 99 set back in 2001. the clouds are clearing now west to east, and it's going to be a very present evening. we will seat 60s in the city, and 50s north and west. setting the stage for a lovely beginning to your sunday. here's what is happening on the big picture. the low pressure is making the exit, and high pressure is dominating the forecast, and we will remain dry for the most part tomorrow, with the low humidity, but we will see more clouds moving in by the afternoon. here's what it looks like on the futurekatz model hour-by- hour. tomorrow morning, starting off lovely. a lot of sunshine, low humidity. into the afternoon, watch what happens. suggestion, we may see showers across the forks of long island, and also we may see showers well to the north of the city. it's a minimal chance of showers in those locations, and please don't change your plans,
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and enjoy what will be a beautiful end to the weekend. monday and tuesday, the forecast is changing big time, and we are talking showers and storms and higher humidity. 68degrees, and 50s north and west, and tomorrow 84 to end your weekend, and partly sunny, and still comfortable. monday and tuesday, low 80s, and a chance of showers and storms. after that, high pressure will build back in. wednesday, thursday, friday, and saturday. we are looking at a sun-filled forecast, and there's highs where they should be low to mid- 80s. >> we have had quite the streak of low to mid-80s going. >> next week, so far, looking good. >> vanessa, thank you so much. the city's subways are full of interesting smells, but here's what you would not expect. two baby skunks were found yesterday morning at the castle hill station in the bronx, and they were taken to the veterinarian's office to be examined, and joseph fox tweeted" lost on the way to the
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bronx zoo, our officers helped these two odor-able striped friends." tom coughlin finally speaks to jason pierre-paul, and steve
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steve overmyer is here with your cbs 2 wfan sports update, and it's not the best night for the mets, but a great season for them. >> so far it's been a fantastic second half of the season and you can't hinge the season on every single night, but we start with what may be the hottest team in baseball. since the trading deadline, the mets have gone from the second worse offensive team to the tops in the league. you combine it with the pitching staff, and you can see why they have not lost in more than a week. they took on the rays, and granderson, continuing to mash out a leadoff spot, and his sixth leadoff home run of the season, tieing him with jose reyes. he's batting .310 since the all star break, and he ties it at 4 with this, his 19th of the season, but noah syndergaard continues to struggle on the field.
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he let up 5 runs including the go-ahead run in the 4th inning, and hopefully it's more of an aberration instead of a sign of what is to come. the mets go hitless with 8 strikeouts, and the winning streak ends at 7, and the mets lead in the division but still at 1.5 games. the american league version of the mets is probably the blue jays. they help their team out a ton at the trading deadline, and they have won 7 in a row. today they ran into a buzzsaw. his name was david price, and 4- 1, 2.61 e.r.a. now just 4 run in the last 4 games, and nova had his good stuff. something happened to him in the 6th, and he loaded the bases and then threw his last curve ball of the game.
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justin smoke, grand slam. 4-0. since the addition of tulowitzki. he has made up 5 over the yankees. the blue jays within 2.5 of the division league. the jets are holding their scrimmage tonight, and smith comes back to get the touchdowns for brandon marshall one against revis. did you see what odell beckham jr. did in camp today? he is so smooth, he makes the sensational look simple. we have not seen or heard from jason pierre-paul. it's a good thing the communication is more frequent. coach coughlin even got to chat with him by phone. >> do i know anything more than before? no he is looking forward to coming and is anxious to be here, but he's not coming until
11:27 pm
play. time. i'm not going to speculate. i was glad to hear his voice. he sounded good, and he sounded back here. >> that is good to hear. tonight we saw the largest profootball hall of fame induction in nearly 50 years, and among those inducted, jerome betis. tom brown, and the late junior sao, and his daughter gave the acceptance speech for her late father and didn't leave a dry high. finally from the meadowlands, the first leg of the triple crown here, and pinkman is far and away the best 3-year-old colt here, but mission brief was trying to pull off the upset against the boys and try to be the first philly to win it in 19 years, making the move from the outside, but she is just short. pinkman holds on to win it paying back 560 with the win there.
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>> predictable, but i was rooting for her. >> would have been great for the philly, yeah. >> steve, thank you so much.
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we will be right back. wod lloromhi swt.nnspt atno.soouc fa.. dot ghyo ititswi 1 cors ch y rw ch camchsekebeon
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that does it for cbs 2 news at 11. for steve, vanessa, and the entire cbs 2 team, thank you so much for joining us, and have a
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